The Answers: Help for Frequently Asked Questions (2024)

Here are answers to questions about accessing and utilizing this workshop that will help you as you work through it. This page should be your FIRST stop when you have a question, as 99% of the questions you will ever have are answered here. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, scroll to the bottom to learn how to get more help. Thank you!

Q: I lost my password. How do I get in?

A: Request a password reset at

The Answers: Help for Frequently Asked Questions (1)

Q: I can't get a video to play. How do I solve this?

A: Some students report issues playing the videos on the iPad. If you have issues, click on the video box anywhere near the start arrow and it should work for you. Clicking on the start arrow itself seems to be an issue.

Q: I don't like to use Facebook. Do I have to join the group?

A: No, you do not. You can complete this entire workshop without ever using Facebook. However, please note that we providefeedback and assistancein ourMaker Academy Workshops Facebook Group(If you request to join when asked for the secret passphrase, please typeSUPERMAKER)

Q: Where do I find the workbook? How do I download it?

A: The workbook will be available to download in the Workshop Area after the workshop premieres on AUGUST 19th. Click the link at the bottom of the workbook page to download it.

Q: What software do I need for this workshop?

A: You only need access to the free version of CFSpark to follow along and create AI images. We will show you how to access and use Midjourney, which has a monthly subscription option. We will also walk through how to use the Print Then Cut feature in Cricut Design Space (free) and print large-scale images using Adobe Acrobats PDF reader (free).

Q: My question is not answered here. Where do I get more help?

Post in this thread in our Facebook group (posting elsewhere means we may not see your question) or email us at [emailprotected].

Q: Do you just teach AI art generation?

No, I'm also teaching you design principles as well as how to print and press the designs while making stickers, a mug, and a pillow using sublimation and Print Then Cut (inkjet) methods.

Q: Will this workshop teach me to make SVG cut files?

No, this workshop focuses on using AI generated images and your own images uploaded to Adobe Acrobat (or your favorite program) to print.

Q: Will this workshop teach me everything there is to know about AI art?

No, this workshop focuses on using two AI art generators, CF Spark and Midjourney, to create AI art designs from prompts to use for sublimation and Print Then Cut designs only. You can use AI generated art for MANY other things, including social media images, logos, printables, and so much more, but those are not directly covered in this workshop.

Q: I am new to sublimation and/or my Cricut cutting machine. Will this help?

Yes, because I'm including my Sublimation Startup and Cricut Kickoff mini-courses as bonuses for enrolling in the AI Art Design workshop. I recommend you do those first before you attend the workshop so it makes more sense to you!

Q: Do I need a sublimation printer or a Cricut to take this workshop?

No, this workshop can be completed without any machine at all. If you wish to print out the designs you make, however, you'll want a sublimation printer (for sublimation projects) and/or an inkjet printer (for Print Then Cut projects). And if you wish to make the print-then-cut projects, you'll need a way to cut out your designs, such as a Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker (or another cutting machine that does Print Then Cut).

Q: Can I sell the projects I make in this workshop?

Yes, as long as you stick to the CF Spark and Midjourney Permitted Uses when you’re using their generated content. Licensing and copyrights will be covered in this workshop.

Q: Is there a coupon for this workshop?

No, as this workshop is already discounted to be affordable without any coupons needed.

Q: I got a VIP Pass from you. Is this included?

No, VIP Passes are sold for specific events, such as Maker Academy Weekend and other events with multiple sessions. VIP Passes include only the workshops presented during that one event, not workshops presented in any other event or presented individually. If you'd like to take this workshop, please register for it separately.

Q: What is your refund policy?

We have a 30-day happiness guarantee! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me within 30 days of your enrollment and I will give you a full refund. Please view my refund policy here for more details.

Q: I got an error message in Midjourney after submitting my prompt that says, "Sorry! Could not complete the job!" what do I do?

Simply wait a minute and try to resubmit your prompt to Midjourney.

Q: Can I use my own photos with AI art?

A: Yes, but the tools we cover, like Midjourney, will only produce a likeness, so it will

not be an exact image.

Q: What is “--v5”?

A: Midjourney has different versions. Adding “--v#” tells Midjourney which version

you want to run your prompt on. For example, using “--v4” will give a different result

than “--v5” which is a newer version.

Q: Can I copyright my AI-generated image?

A: There are legal cases proceeding about copyright in AI generation. The most recent

rulings have said that people cannot copyright these files.

Q: Can I write a prompt for my image to look like a stained glass window?

A: Yes!! I have had good luck using “stained glass design” in the prompt.

Q: Is one AI generator better than another in producing particular types of images?

For example, is one better for animal images, one better for floral images, one

better for people images, etc?

A: I have found that Midjourney gets the best results overall, however, CF Spark has

some features, like Patterns and Crystalline, that are much easier to use.

Q: Can I use these images to sell?

A: Different tools have varying rules about what you can do with the images you

create, and their rules can change. Please always check the terms of service on a

tool, especially if you plan to use it as part of your business.

Q: Can I find a history of my prompts in a generator?

A: Most AI generators have an image history of what has been generated.

Q: Can AI designs be separated into layers?

A: No, most results are either PNG or JPG files.

Q: Are Bing Image Creator and Dall-e the same?

A: Bing Image Creator uses DALL-E, so it’s a joint project.

Q: Is downloading the image free in Bing?

A: Downloads are free in Bing Image Creator at the moment.

Q: Have you tried Illustrate AI from DesignBundles? I would love to hear your

thoughts on this option.

A: I haven’t tested that extensively yet, but definitely plan to look into it.

Q: Once I start using the Bing Image Creator program, will it change my default

browser from Chrome to Bing?

A: That has not come up in my testing, so I don’t think so.

Q: Out of the generators featured, which is easiest to use?

A: I presented the generators in the order that I feel starts with easiest to use, so Bing

Image Creator is easiest, followed by CF Spark, then Midjourney.

Q: Can I use this in a confidential corporate presentation, or is that a “no no” for

copyright issues?

A: I believe if it’s not for commercial use, using an image in a presentation is

acceptable for most tools’ terms of service, but it’s worth taking a close look. This is

definitely a case that disclosing the AI-generator use would be ethically important to

avoid confusion.

Q: Do I have to use commas to separate terms?

A: Yes, that is the best practice.

Q: How much is the CF Spark subscription?

You will want the All Access plan if you want to use CF Spark, which is currently about

$60 yearly.

Q: Are either of the sticker papers waterproof? Will they stick on tumblers and

make it through a wash?

A: I didn’t use waterproof stickers for these examples, but there are other

sublimation-compatible materials available.

Q: Can the background be removed on Cricut Design Space instead of

A: Yes, but I wanted to share this free tool because Background Remover is only

available for Cricut Access subscribers. Plus, does a consistently good job

of removing the entire background.

Q: Is kiss cut for stickers a setting on our Cricut?

A: A kiss cut means just cutting through the sticker layer, but not the backing paper,

so they all stay on one sheet. It isn’t a specific setting on the Cricut because the

pressure needed varies. The setting I mentioned worked in my testing with this sticker

paper, but all machines can be different, so experimenting helps!

Q: Why do I need legal size paper for the sublimation print for the mug?

A: For the size mug that I used, the wrap is slightly too large to fit on 8.5” x 11” paper

for Cricut’s Print then Cut.

Q: Can I upload images into CF Spark?

A: You can, but that feature does not work very well yet.

Q: Can I start and stop subscribing to Midjourney month by month?

A: Yes, Midjourney offers month-to-month subscriptions so you can try it for a month

and then turn it off. Just keep an eye on the cancellation dates!

Q: Is the pattern for the mug template with the wings on the website? I have been

using one with a straight edge and it is difficult to get my image placed correctly.

A: Yes, this version of a mug wrap template is in Design #288.

Q: Can I use recycled polyester fabric for sublimation?

A: Yes, as long as you’re sure of the fiber content it should still work well, but I

recommend testing just to be safe!

Q: Why does the thinner sublimation paper work better for tiled projects?

A: The thinner paper is less stiff, so it’s easier for the ink to get better coverage at

the seams.

Q: Would the thinner paper help with lines on tumblers?

A: That’s a good question and I’ll test it out!

The Answers: Help for Frequently Asked Questions (2024)


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