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Animation Throwdown: Which Cards to Recycle

Animation Throwdown is a popular mobile collectible card game that combines characters from popular animated TV shows like Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, King of the Hill, and Bob’s Burgers. In the game, players build decks of cards and strategically play them to defeat opponents. As you progress in the game, you will accumulate various cards, some of which may become obsolete or less useful over time. In this article, we will discuss which cards you should consider recycling and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

1. What does it mean to recycle cards in Animation Throwdown?
Recycling cards in Animation Throwdown refers to the process of converting unwanted or duplicate cards into valuable resources called Watts. These Watts can be used to upgrade and level up your other cards, improving their stats and making them more powerful.

2. Which cards should I consider recycling?
It is advisable to recycle cards that have become outdated or are not suitable for your current deck strategy. As you progress in the game, you may acquire better cards that overshadow the older ones. Additionally, if you have duplicates of a card, recycling the extras can be a good idea to free up space in your inventory.

3. How can I identify cards to recycle?
To determine which cards to recycle, consider the card’s stats, abilities, and how well it fits into your current deck. If a card has low base stats, is not compatible with your deck’s focus, or has a weaker ability compared to other cards you possess, it may be a good candidate for recycling.

4. Should I recycle legendary or epic cards?
Recycling legendary or epic cards should be approached with caution. These cards are generally more powerful and harder to acquire, so it is recommended to keep them unless you have duplicates. However, if you have multiple copies of a legendary or epic card that you do not plan on using, recycling the extras can be a viable option.

5. Can I recycle event-specific cards?
Event-specific cards are often limited-time additions to the game and can be valuable during specific events. It is generally not recommended to recycle these cards unless you are certain they will not be useful in future events or have duplicates.

6. Are there any exceptions to recycling cards?
While recycling cards is a common practice, some cards have niche uses or can be obtained in limited quantities. It is advisable to research and seek advice from experienced players or online communities before recycling specific cards to avoid potential regrets.

7. How can I maximize the benefits of recycling cards?
To make the most of recycling, it is beneficial to focus on upgrading and leveling up your core cards. Prioritize recycling cards that are not contributing to your deck’s synergy or strategy. Additionally, consider recycling cards that you have duplicates of, as they will provide immediate Watts without affecting your gameplay negatively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Can I recycle animated cards?
A1. Yes, animated cards can be recycled just like regular cards, providing you with Watts.

Q2. What should I do with my excess Watts?
A2. Excess Watts can be used to purchase various items from the in-game shop, including packs, energy refills, or special offers.

Q3. Can I undo a card recycling?
A3. No, once you recycle a card, it cannot be undone. Make sure to double-check before confirming the recycling process.

Q4. Are there any benefits to holding onto useless cards?
A4. While there may be specific circ*mstances where a useless card could be useful, it is generally more beneficial to recycle them and use the resulting Watts to strengthen your core cards.

Q5. Can I recycle a card that I have upgraded?
A5. Yes, you can recycle a card even if you have upgraded it. However, keep in mind that you will lose the Watts invested in the card’s upgrades.

Q6. Should I recycle common cards?
A6. Common cards are generally easier to acquire, and their usefulness may diminish as you progress in the game. Recycling common cards that are no longer relevant to your deck strategy can be a reasonable choice.

Q7. Is there a limit to the number of cards I can recycle?
A7. No, there is no limit to the number of cards you can recycle. You can recycle as many cards as you want, as long as you have duplicates or unwanted cards.

In conclusion, recycling cards in Animation Throwdown can be a useful strategy to obtain Watts and improve your deck’s overall strength. Consider recycling cards that have become outdated, do not fit your deck strategy, or have duplicates. However, always be cautious when recycling rare or event-specific cards and seek advice from experienced players if uncertain. Strategically recycling cards will help you optimize your collection and progress in the game.

Animation Throwdown Which Cards to Recycle – Just Speak (2024)


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